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(07/20) HOTL Hour 1

(07/20) HOTL Hour 2

Handel on the Law. Marginal legal replay.

(07/20) HOTL Hour 3

Handel on the Law. Marginal legal replay.

BHS – 8A – ‘Foodie Friday’ with Neil Saavedra | This Week's ‘World in Review’

KFI food enthusiast and Fork Reporter Neil Saavedra comes on the program to talk about the Kelce brothers' NEW cereal, watermelons, and pre-packed meals from Whole Foods. The show closes with this week’s ‘World in Review.’  

BHS - 7A – Trump Accepts GOP Nomination | Global Computer Outage

Trump accepts the GOP nomination. Worldwide global outage hits flights, banks, media, and more… how vulnerable are we to huge cyberattack? Union election petitions hit their highest level in a decade. LAX people mover could have a completion date in December 2025.

Handel on the News

Amy King and Neil Saavedra join Bill for Handel on the News. Flights grounded, passengers to see delays amid global IT outage. Trump accepts GOP nomination at RNC and describes assassination attempt in detail. Obama tells allies Biden’s path to winning reelection has greatly diminished. Majority of Democrats think Harris would make a good president, AP-NORC poll shows. Bob Newhart, legendary comedian, dead at 94. US reporter Evan Gershkovich found guilty in Russia of espionage. Bud Light sinks to No. 3 most popular beer after boycott.

BHS – 8A – Unsafe Homeless Shelters | Earlier with Mo Kelly

California passed a law to fix unsafe homeless shelters. Cities and counties are ignoring it. Venmo payment requests are straining friendships. Parents don’t mind if their kids don’t marry.

BHS - 7A – Biden’s Political Crisis Deepens | Ending Free Weather Reports.

Biden’s political crisis deepens as Schiff calls for him to drop out. The MAGA plan to end free weather reports. This Olympics could be the hottest yet. Here’s how the athletes are preparing. Union election petitions hit their highest level in a decade.

Handel on the News

Neil Saavedra & Amy King join Bill for Handel on the News. A new moment for Biden? One Democratic advisor says: ‘He’s being receptive.’ Pelosi privately told Biden polls show he cannot win and will take down the House; Biden responded with defensiveness. JD Vance officially accepts VP nomination. Ex-Trump adviser Peter Navarro released from prison. Jack Smith formally appeals dismissal of Trump’s classified documents case. Secret Service spotted Trump rally shooter on the roof 20 minutes before gunfire erupted.

BHS – 8A – 1 Million EV Charging Stations | ‘Medical News’ with Dr. Jim Keany

California needs a million EV charging stations, but that’s ‘unlikely’ and ‘unrealistic.’ Outliving our peers is now a competitive sport. Dr. Jim Keany, Co-Director of the Emergency Room at Mission Hospital in Mission Viejo, joins The Bill Handel Show for 'Medical News'! Dr. Keany talks with Bill about latest research regarding exercise keeping the brain young, Americans opting for ‘sleep divorce’ to accommodate bed partners, and the origins of creativity in the brain.