Thanksgiving Feast and Football for Lemurs at an Illinois Zoo

Brookfield Zoo in Illinois treated their ring-tailed lemurs to a special Thanksgiving day feast with a side of American football – the dream!

The video taken on November 24th showed the lemurs digging into an impressive spread inside their enclosure with some football on in the background. Perhaps lemurs are a bit more human than we give them credit for.

Ramses, Dogwood and Butch – the three lemurs – filled their bellies with a “nutritious menu” consisting of turkey made from primate biscuits and honey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce made of sugar-free gelatin and dried cranberries, steamed corn, green beans and pumpkin and sweet potato pie with a primate biscuit crust topped with popcorn. The zoo’s news release highlighted the delicious variety of plate-fillers.

It should be noted that the football “playing” in the background was simply a cardboard box decorated to look like a TV set displaying a football game, which the zoo staff created to set the scene.

The lemurs have been enjoying their traditional Thanksgiving meal for 8 years now, and the tradition doesn’t appear to be slowing down any time soon.

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