Test EVERY American to IMMEDIATELY stop virus: Learning from Italy to fi...

< br />Dr. Robert Epstein joins Glenn on radio to discuss why President Trump should learn from a study done in Italy that proved it IS possible to immediately stop the transmission of coronavirus before it causes more destruction -- to both lives, AND the economy. After the first COVID-19 caused fatality occurred in Italy -- in the small town of Vo -- researchers immediately went there and tested EVERY resident...all 3,300 of them.

By determining which people carried the virus and who didn't, the non-carriers were immediately able to go back to work and resume their normal lives. And once those carrying the virus recovered, transmission within the small town ended. Dr. Epstein argues why President Trump MUST follow the lead of this small Italian town, how it IS possible to test all Americans, and he explains why it'll not only save U.S. lives and the economy, but it'll save humanity around the world as well.

Read more from Epstein on this issue here: http://howtostopthevirus.com/

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