The Weirdest Florida Stories We Found In February 2024

Photo: Getty Images

Welcome to March! Spring is only a few weeks away, which means a busy month ahead for the Sunshine State. While several cities and towns are gearing up for the travel influx, strange shenanigans were afoot over the last several weeks.

The most viral story was the wild body camera footage showing a Florida deputy opening fire on his patrol vehicle after he mistook a falling acorn for a gunshot. A handcuffed suspect was inside the car at the time, as well, sparking an investigation.

That officer wasn't the only one in the national spotlight. Some people ended up in news stories for strange or criminal reasons -- sometimes both! A Florida man became an internet celebrity within weeks after he started a strange experiment: eating raw chicken every day. A Florida mother is butting heads with officials at her children's school after a sizeable car decal advertising her OnlyFans content gets her in trouble. Then, there was a "Spider-Man" burglar who managed to scale a high-rise apartment building to break into several homes.

Shocking animal encounters were also a common thread in February, from runaway kangaroos and daring deer to hungry alligators chasing after people on a golf cart. Even a U.S. Coast Guard officer suffered quite a scare after he discovered a snake on a helicopter.

You can read all about these stories and more below:

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