Ex-Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg Pleads Guilty To 15 Felonies


Photo: Getty Images

Former Trump Organization Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg pleaded guilty to 15 felonies related to a tax fraud case connected to the company's business practices.

Prosecutors accused Weisselberg of engaging in a 15-year "off the books" scheme to help officials in the Trump Organization to avoid paying taxes. Weisselberg failed to pay $1.7 million in taxes on his income, which included numerous perks, including two Mercedes-Benz cars, a Manhattan apartment, and private school tuition.

Weisselberg was facing up to 15 years in prison but will serve just five months behind bars as part of a plea deal in which he agreed to testify against the company during the trial in the fall. He will also have to pay nearly $2 million in taxes, penalties, and interest.

Weisselberg will not be required to cooperate with the district attorney's office in a separate criminal investigation into former President Donald Trump. In addition, none of his testimony is expected to directly implicate Trump.

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