Judge Orders Murder Trial For Parents Over Death Of Malnourished Child

A Michigan judge has ordered two parents to stand trial for murder after an autopsy report revealed that their ten-month-old daughter died as a result of malnutrition and neglect. In her ruling, Judge Sara Smolenski cited the "callousness" of a 911 call placed by Seth Welch, the girl's father, as one of the reasons she ordered the murder trial. During the call, he told the dispatcher that the young girl was as "dead as a doorknob." He even admitted that he called his lawyer first, waiting over 90 minutes before calling 911 for help. 

Seth and Tatiana Fusari were arrested back in August and charged with murder and first-degree child abuse. When authorities arrived at their home, they found the ten-month-old was unresponsive and weighed just eight pounds. 

"She looked like a hundred-year-old baby. All skin and bones," said Assistant Prosecutor Kim Richardson.

Judge Smolenski explained that the young girl's condition at the time of her death showed that the couple did not properly care for her. 

"The skeletal-like posture of the child, in my opinion, speaks volumes, for how long the baby was not cared for properly," Smolenski said.

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