To Save A Haunted Church They Filled It With Actual Ghosts

Haunted buildings have a certain feel about them. They are creepy, cold, and they always give you that feeling that someone is watching you even if you can't see them. But how would you feel if you could actually see the spooky ghosts?

There is a church located in Czech Republic called St. George's Church and it has been thought to be haunted for decades. It was built all the way back in 1352 and had to be rebuilt several times because of fires.

Even though there had been multiple fires in the building, the congregation didn't flee. The final straw came in 1968, when the entire roof collapsed into the church. The congregation finally gave up on the haunted building.

Instead of ever going back inside, the entire congregation would meet outside. Seeing as how no one would enter the building, the church fell into disrepair. Vandalism and looting became incredibly prevalent and no one could afford to restore it to its formal glory.

It wasn't until years later that an artist would use the ghosts that haunted the church as inspiration to help save it...

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