Why the Left Targets Big Tech

RUSH: I have a story in the Stack here today, and it is How a Liberal Think Tank Is Driving 2020 Dems to Crack Down on Big Tech." (grumbling) "Well, big deal, Rush." No, no. This is an object lesson here. What in the world...? What in the world does the American left have problems with Big Tech for? Do they not understand that Big Tech is on their team? Do they not understand that Big Tech is the coach? Do they not understand that Big Tech is the money and the financing? Do they not understand that Big Tech is one of the biggest allies they've got?

Yet this story is in Politico: "How a Liberal Think Tank Is Driving 2020 Dems to Crack Down on Big Tech." There's a think tank out there that thinking Big Tech needs to be regulated. Do you know what it is? I'll tell you what it is. They hate Big Tech because Trump won! Their hatred for Trump is so overwhelming, they're blaming Big Tech for not stopping Trump! Then they got this Cambridge Analytica scandal that happened supposedly at Facebook. So Facebook and the rest of Big Tech need to be punished now, because Trump got elected.

Instead of realizing that Big Tech is dying to help them! Big Tech is dying to beat Donald Trump next. Big Tech is dying to get rid of conservatives and conservatism anywhere they can in their platforms. Instead, we get: "The presidential race and rising anger at Silicon Valley’s power are giving new lift to the Open Markets Institute’s crusade against online monopolies." I'm wondering if I ought to hope these people succeed! They're trying to do great damage to Twitter, great damage to Facebook, and they are poisoned.

They have no idea how good they've got it with these tech firms being on their team. But because Trump won and the tech firms were unable to stop it, somehow anger is justified at the tech firms. These people believe that the Russians colluded -- the Russians did this -- and Zuckerberg knew about it, but he didn't stop it. (impression) "He could have stopped it! He knew about it, but he didn't stop it -- and Jack Dorsey at Twitter let the Russians run rampant. They could have stopped it. Jack Dorsey didn't stop it."

(Snort!) This is the most amazing thing.


They think Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey are enemies?

It's tough to get your arms around.


RUSH: As I have just recently been reminded, one of the problems that the Drive-Bys have with Big Tech is that they think Big Tech's overtaking their business. The Facebook news feed is more important than the New York Times website or the Washington Post. That's legit. That is legit. But they're still all on the same side.

But the Drive-Bys do think that the big social media -- Facebook, Twitter, and the rest of them -- are taking dollars away from them and eyeballs.

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