Florida Police Searching For Rare Monkey Stolen From The Zoo


Authorities in Florida are trying to locate a rare monkey that was stolen from the Palm Beach Zoo. A zookeeper discovered the 12-year-old Goeldi's monkey named Kali was missing and noticed that the mesh around her cage had been cut. Surveillance video captured a man walking into the enclosure and taking the tiny monkey. Officials said that it was an isolated incident and that no other animals were taken or harmed.

“This very small and rare monkey is increasingly sought after for the illegal pet trade,” Margo McKnight, the zoo’s president, said in an emailed statement to the Palm Beach Post. “We don’t buy and sell our animals. We work in collaboration with other zoos to save species. ‘Kali’ and her well-being is priceless.”

Officials are worried about the health of Kali, who weighs just one pound. They said they she requires a specialized diet and must be given anti-inflammatory medication. They said Kali is implanted with a microchip but did not say if it could be used to track her whereabouts.

The zoo announced that it will offer a $3,000 reward for any information that results in the return of Kali, matching the reward being offered by the police.


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