WMEQ-AM is a directional AM station which is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to operate at full power only during daytime hours. At night, beginning at local sunset, we must change to low power and night pattern.
Sunrise and sunset times change daily.  To simplify the changes in power and pattern, the FCC sets monthly sunrise and sunset times.  The table below indicates these times.  It should be noted that these are local times, adjusted for the change from Central Standard Time to Daylight Saving Time.

   Full Power  Decreased
 January        7:45am              4:45pm      
 February  7:15am  5:30pm
 March (CST)  6:15am  6:15pm
 March (DST)  7:15am  7:15pm
 April  6:30am  7:45pm
 May  5:45am  8:30pm
 June  5:15am  9:00pm
 July  5:30am  8:45pm
 August  6:15am  8:15pm
 September  6:45am  7:15pm
 October  7:15am  6:30pm
     November (DST)      8:00am  5:45pm
 November (CST)  7:00am  4:45pm
 December  7:45am  4:40pm